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Sport Therapy for the Shoulder (With Online Video) - Paperback Book

Sport Therapy for the Shoulder (With Online Video) - Paperback Book
Sport Therapy for the Shoulder (With Online Video) - Paperback Book Product code: HK-STS In stock $36.47  Inc. VAT
  • In Sport Therapy for the Shoulder: Evaluation, Rehabilitation, and Return to Sport, readers will learn about best practices and evidence-based guidelines for assessing and treating patients’ shoulder injuries for re-entry into sport. Written by renowned physical therapists Todd S. Ellenbecker and Kevin E. Wilk, this text is a key resource for physical therapists, athletic trainers, sport chiropractors, massage therapists, strength and conditioning professionals, personal trainers, and other clinicians in sports medicine who work with patients recovering from shoulder injuries.

    Sport Therapy for the Shoulder guides readers systematically through functional anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder, examination techniques and pathology, rehabilitation, and return-to-play progressions. The text provides evidence-based principles to assist clinicians in improving joint stabilization, strength, muscular endurance, and range of motion in the shoulder. Return-to-sport programs feature step-by-step progressions for sports including baseball, softball, golf, swimming, and tennis. Illustrated versions of the Thrower’s Ten and Advanced Thrower’s Ten exercise programs, which were developed by coauthor Kevin E. Wilk and colleagues, are provided in the appendix.

    The content is enhanced by more than 200 colour photos and detailed illustrations that provide visual support and context for conducting specific evaluation and rehabilitation techniques. Additionally, 21 online video clips are available to complement the highly visual book and demonstrate how to perform specific evaluation tests. An image bank is available free to course adopters and is also available for professionals to purchase separately for use in presentations.

    The combination of foundational information, evidence-based guidelines, sport-specific return-to-sport programs, online videos, and colorful visual aids makes Sport Therapy for the Shoulder a must-have resource for clinicians who work with patients who have shoulder injuries. Not only will the book prove to be a valuable learning tool, but it will also be a reference that professionals can use continually in their practice.


    Part I. Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Shoulder Complex
    Chapter 1. Functional Anatomy of the Shoulder Complex
        Joint Structure
        Muscle Anatomy
        Additional Anatomical Structures
        Neurovascular Anatomy
    Chapter 2. Mechanics of the Shoulder
        Primary Biomechanical Principles
        Throwing Mechanics
        Tennis Serving and Swinging Mechanics
        Volleyball Overheard Motions
        Golf Swing Mechanics
        Swimming Mechanics

    Part II. Examination and Pathology of Shoulder Injuries
    Chapter 3. Clinical Examination of the Shoulder
        Subjective Evaluation (History)
        Posture Evaluation
        Scapular Evaluation
        Evaluation of Glenohumeral Joint Range of Motion
        Strength Evaluation
        Functional Evaluation
        Special Manual Orthopedic Shoulder Tests
    Chapter 4. Injury Pathology of the Shoulder
        Rotator Cuff Injury
        Shoulder Instability
        Labral Lesions and Tears

    Part III. Rehabilitation of Shoulder Injuries
    Chapter 5. Rehabilitation Progressions
        Range of Motion Progression
        Scapular Stabilization Methods and Progression
        Rotator Cuff Exercise Progression
    Chapter 6. Surgical Repair and Rehabilitation Protocols
        Rotator Cuff Repair
        Labral Repair

    Part IV. Return to Sport
    Chapter 7. Clinical Decision-Making for Return to Sport
        Key Criteria for a Return to Sport Evaluation
        Interval Throwing Program
    Chapter 8. Interval Return to Sport Programs
        Objective Criteria
        Tennis Program
        Baseball and Softball Program
        Swimming Program
        Golf Program

    • Pages: 240
    • ISBN-13: 9781450431644
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