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Having the correct strings and tension can make a world of difference to your performance on the court. We stock a huge variety of squash strings, from the popular Tecnifibre 305/305+ and durable Ashaway SuperNick XL, all the way to newer strings such as Luxilion's Pro Shot Rough series. There are dozens of different strings and gauges to navigate through before you can decide on the best choice. We've made it simple for you to filter through and find the correct type of string for you. Many of these strings are available as string upgrades on our huge range of squash rackets, so you can have a new racket strung up in the string of your choice, done by those who know what they are doing.

THE DIFFERENT GAUGES: The thinner the gauge, the more powerful the string, with lots of spin potential. BUT...the string will be less durable, but you could allow for that by going for a really thin, durable string.

Gauge 17 (1.25 mm) is standard for squash and "thinner than normal" gauge for tennis .
Gauge 18 (1.20 mm) is "thinner than normal" for squash the thinnest gauge for tennis.

If you wish to string your own rackets, we also sell stringing machines.

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Showing 52 Products - page 2 of 3

We stock a string to cope with every playing style. There are durable ones, more playable ones, comfortable ones, cheap and cheerful ones. We stock all the major brands.