Racketball Balls

There are two types of racketball- blue and black.

The most popular racketball ball is the blue racketball ball. This ball is perfect for social play and can be used in club competitions. It is slightly bouncier than the black racketball ball, which are used mainly in events such as the National Racketball Championships. The Black racketball ball has a single or a double dot and is slightly slower. 

If you are new to the sport, or just fancy having a hit with a friend, start off with a blue racketball. If, after a few games, you find it too easy, you can then progress to using a black ball.

The recommendations on which ball to use from the ESR(England Squash & Racketball) are:

  • Elite players competing in national championships, regional and county premier leagues should be encouraged to play with the black ball.
  • Players competing in leagues below premier leagues should use the blue ball, unless both players agree/prefer to use the black.
  • All recreational players should use the blue ball.

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