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Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Battery Powered Ball Machine for Tennis & Pickleball
Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Battery Powered Ball Machine for Tennis & Pickleball - main image

Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Battery Powered Ball Machine for Tennis & Pickleball

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The Multi-Twist will throw every size tennis ball including the biggest Quick Start Ball and Pickleballs. Takes 6 x D batteries.


Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Tennis Ball Machine is simple to use and designed specifically for beginning tennis players. It's compact size and easy operation make it an ideal first ball machine for kids or adults just starting tennis. If you can swing a racquet, you can play with Tennis Twist. Tennis Twist ball machine shoots a ball every five seconds in a consistent arc and the ball bounce can be adjusted from four to seven meters, allowing you to practice both groundstrokes and volleys. Unlike hitting against a wall, it is easy to see where the balls you hit are actually landing on the court. Tennis Twist's spiral design holds up to 28 balls, providing plenty of non-stop play before having to reload the machine. The machine only weighs five kilograms, so it is easily transportable to your local tennis courts. This is a battery operated model (operating for up to 10 hours) with the mains powered machine available as a separate purchase. This Tennis Twist ball machine has a high-impact plastic case which comes with a convenient built-in carrying handle. Tennis players of any age will benefit from the Tennis Twist. Sports Tutor is the number one ball machine brand in the USA.

  • 28 tennis balls, green tennis balls, or orange tennis balls
  • 24 red tennis balls
  • 24 Pickleballs
  • Battery Capacity: 5 - 10 hour
  • Speed: 10 to 15mph
  • Interval: Fixed at 5 seconds
  • Elevation: Adjustable for bounce between 4 and 7 meters
  • Spin: N/A with model
  • Oscillator: N/A with model
  • Remote: N/A with model
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Oscillation: Fixed
  • Power: Battery
  • Spin: No


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