Kinesio Sports Tape

By now, many people have been able to observe the highly visible athletic uses and the familiar colors and taping patterns used by successful Olympic and professional athletes. But Kinesio® Tex Classic is more than an athletic tape. It is a unique body support tool that has provided new options in rehabilitation and sports medicine throughout the world.

This amazing elastic body support tape has been designed and engineered by Dr. Kenzo Kase for more than 30 years in Japan. Since then, Kinesio® Tex Classic has become the standard for body support and rehabilitative taping.

Kinesio® Tex Classic sets the standard for elastic body support taping.

  • It creates a lifting effect on the skin’s surface, which improves body fluid and discomfort.
  • It may be applied using different amounts and directions of tension for varying degrees of support.
  • It is made of gentle cotton fiber.
  • It features a 100% medical-grade acrylic adhesive.
  • It is totally latex free.
  • It does not limit the wearer’s range of motion.
  • The distinctive wave-pattern weave moves with the wearer’s movements.
  • It allows for 3 to 5 day wear time to provide 24-hour results to the patient and to provide for an economical treatment.

The Kinesio Taping® method utilizes Kinesio® Tex Classic to lend support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion.