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Garlando Class Weatherproof Outdoor Football Table

Garlando Class Weatherproof Outdoor Football Table

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*Please note: assembly can only be offered in an open outdoor space, however this table will not fit through normal sized doors once assembled. Please only request assembly if you have doors wide enough.* With this, the table will be delivered, assembled, placed in situation and all the packaging removed at the same time. This takes approximately 60- 90 minutes depending on table. Please note this may add a delay in despatching your table. The courier company will contact you to discuss delivery dates.

This football table offers an excellent playing experience, as well as great convenience as it is safe to be kept outside due to the fact that it is waterproof and the balls or players cannot be stolen due to the top glass.

With top glass, for outdoor use

This is the first all-weather football home table from Garlando with a top glass, created to satisfy the requirements of all those wishing to play their favourite game in an outdoor place.

Class Weatherproof is constructed to stand outdoor in all weather conditions, using special components and materials such as water-resistant glues and stainless steel parts treated with tropical anti-rust treatments.

Can also be used indoor, to enjoy it all seasons.

Balls remain inside the playfield area and cannot be lost or stolen and the playfield stays cleaner longer.

The telescopic safety bars (on request) will to ensure children’s face and eyes a greater protection.

Protection cover included.

Class Weatherproof complies with the harmonized European rules EN on safety.


  • Length: 144 cm
  • Width: 76 cm
  • Width with solid rods: 125 cm
  • Width with telescopic bars: 110 cm
  • Height: 93,5*/96,5**cm
  • Weight: 92 kg


  • Rods: Telescopic
  • Players: Blue and white


  • Extremely sturdy cabinet (2,5cm = 1in thick) constructed from marine high quality multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate, both water-resistant and brought together using a special water-proof glue for perfect sealing. Colour: blue
  • Heavy duty legs made from 9cm (4x4in) square steel coated with silver washable powder varnish.
  • High stress resistance machine-trued hollow steel bars - diameter 16mm - coated with anti-rust chromium-plating. The quality of the materials used adds to the thickness of 2mm to prevent the bars from bending: they maintain a perfect shape for a long time. It is possible to choose between the going-through (also called solid) bars and the telescopic type.
  • Going-through bars: the standard bars protrude from the cabinet - at the handle opposite side - to follow the international competition standard, which is also used in many countries worldwide.
  • The special three-layer chromium-plating guarantees that both going-through and telescopic bars will not get rusted after several years of tough use.
  • Safety device (telescopic bars): on request each table can be equipped with telescopic safety bars, having the same technical features as the going-through type. The difference is in the functioning, to obtain the maximum level of safety.
  • In telescopic bars a smaller diameter bar glides inside the player bar, whose end does not protrude from the cabinet. This prevents dangerous strikes to the childrens' eyes and face. Its use is strongly advised if the football table is meant for children and in the event that the table must be put in a location attended by children.
  • Bars are fixed to the cabinet by means of nylon ball bearings.The anti-rust stainless steel roller bearings inside the bearings fixing bars to the cabinet greatly improve the game speed, while reducing the stress for the players' wrists.

Playing quality:

  • One-colour players in plastic material (moplen) representing a stylized human figure, directly moulded onto the bars: they do not move, cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly. Colours: red and blue.
  • The table is available either with fully rotating (360 degrees) or non-rotating goalkeeper (180 degrees).
  • Playing field in plastic laminate glued using special water-proof glues, green with white lines. The white lines reproducing the football ground are silkscreen printed using a special ink: they do not fade under the sun nor are damaged by dampness.
  • Balls are introduced into the playing field manually through a converyor placed on the cabinet next to the coin mechanism. The system is completely sealed, to prevent ball theft.
  • Leg levellers enable a perfectly flat playing field on uneven floors.
  • All bolts, nuts and screws are subjected to a tropical anti-rust treatment.
  • Colour coordinated abacus scorers.
  • 10 orange Standard balls supplied, for increased visibility.
  • Waterproof protection cover supplied as a standard feature.


  • Always cover your table when you are not using it to protect it from rain and from the UV rays which are harmful to the table and will reduce its life.
  • Please note that although this is a weatherproof table and constructed using materials designed for the outdoors, the cover gives the table significant additional protection and its use is required in order for the warranty to be valid.
  • A cover specifically designed by Garlando and made from showerproof material is supplied as a standard or optional equipment.
  • As an alternative, you can use a tarp or any showerproof cover making sure that it is well fixed so that the wind cannot lift it to allow the rain getting through.
  • To keep roller bearings in good conditions making sure that bars glide adequately we suggest to frequently spray bars using a silicone spray such as the WD40. You can also consider our spray Slidy - available among our Accessories - which has a protective and lubrication double action.
  • Please be careful not to use any vegetal or any other type of grease or you run the risk of attracting dirt and clogging the roller bearings. Keep them clean.
  • Clean your table periodically by rubbing its surfaces with a damp cloth to eliminate dust and other dirt residual.
  • For a deeper cleaning you can use any household detergent which does not contain wax or abrasives, having care to completely take it off.
  • Do not use any solvent or detergents containing ammonia, acetone, petrol etc, that could damage the colours, particularly those of the cabinet.
  • Do not flood the table.
  • If your table is kept in a sea area, to protect the bars from the salinity corroding action, we suggest to clean the bars using a damp cloth and then frequently spray them with Slidy.  Do not spray the bars before cleaning them.
  • The table should not stand in snow for protracted periods. If you can, store it under a portico or a veranda or bring it inside to enjoy  it all the winter long.


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