Precision Training Gym Equipment

Stay quick and agile with Precision Training Gym Equipment. We stock a wide range of Precision training and medicine balls, as well as coaching and training markers to help you set your goals, and then beat them.

At Tennisnuts, we are always looking for ways to improve our training routines and workouts, particularly if they can help with racket sports performance. One underrated but crucial piece of equipment is a medicine ball. Medicine balls are weighted balls, which are regularly used for rehabilitation and strength training, allowing you to add new aspects to your workout. In particular, medicine balls are crucial for a set of training routines known as Plyometrics, particularly the side throw and overhead throw exercises for the upper body. Plyometrics are designed to get your muscles to exert high amounts of force in short intervals of time, allowing you to increase your power and speed, particularly crucial for tennis, badminton and squash players! By adding in effective plyometric training to your fitness routine, you can improve your stability, core strength and footwork, giving you a massive advantage over an opponent that has not focused on this area of their game.