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Stiga Optimum 30mm Indoor Table Tennis Table - Blue

Stiga Optimum 30mm Indoor Table Tennis Table - Blue
Stiga Optimum 30mm Indoor Table Tennis Table - Blue Product code: 7199-05 This product is currently out of stock $1534.71  Inc. VAT
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    The Optimum 30 is the first table with a 30 mm thick top. As a consequence, the evenness and consistency of the ball rebound is unparalleled. The top is pre-treated multiple times and then coated with a special varnish to give just the right amount of gloss and the ideal frictional coefficient. The result is the truest possible bounce, even when balls are spun at the highest level. The white lines are carefully printed on using silk screening for an even result.

    The Optimum 30 features a new metal undercarriage that has been specially developed to guarantee the most consistent ball rebound. Even though the 30 mm top is heavier than thinner tops, computer-aided design of the undercarriage and supporting legs has neutralized the extra weight, so the table is easy to set up or put away. When the table is set up for playing, patented connectors join the two halves to ensure perfect alignment.

    With its 30 mm top, special varnish, silk-screened lines, computer-aided design of its undercarriage, and patented connectors, the Optimum 30 is the clear choice for anyone. For forty years, STIGA has been the world leader in table tennis table development. The Optimum 30 extends this lead.


    • 30 mm fibreboard.
    • EN-Norm: 14468-1 Class: A
    • Packaging in double cartons.
    • Weight: 141kg
    • Storage Size: W x D x H = 152,5cm x 66,5cm x 155cm.
    • Minimal assembly required
  • This item reqires special delivery. Please refer to our Court Equipment and Games Tables Delivery Terms for more details.