Cornilleau Play-Style Outdoor Table Tennis Table (6mm) - Light Stone

Cornilleau Play-Style Outdoor Table Tennis Table (6mm) - Light Stone

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Once your delivery has been scheduled, you will be contacted to book a date when assembly can take place. The table must be in the area where assembly is required, packaging will be left stacked neatly ready for recycling.

This meticulously crafted Play-Style table offers a one-of-a-kind fusion of table tennis and sophistication, ensuring an exceptional playing experience without sacrificing visual appeal. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of this table that seamlessly blends the realms of luxurious furniture and thrilling table tennis, courtesy of its premium materials, iconic aesthetic, and outstanding craftsmanship.

Colour: Light Stone

Product Details

  • Sleek Design - Renowned for its unique and stylish look, the Play-Style outdoor table is designed to enhance any space. Simple and elegant, it meets the needs of those who love beautiful things as well as those who enjoy the game of table tennis
  • Ultra-durable Materials - Just like the joy of playing table tennis, the table should continue to look good for many years to come. The Play-Style table has a sturdy design and is constructed from materials that are proven to be durable. The solid resin laminate mat tops, steel structure coated in epoxy paint and stainless steel screws make the Play-Style outdoor table extremely durable
  • Tropical Wood Legs - Recognised for its quality, Moabi wood is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Its mat finish and uniform grain give the legs of the Play-Style outdoor table a unique look. This is further enhanced by an anti-UV treatment to maintain the finish over time
  • Storage For Bats & Balls - If you want to play a game at a moment's notice, there’s no need to search for bats and balls. With the convenient storage tray, they are always within easy reach. It is discreet yet easily accessible and can hold two bats and six balls
  • Adjustable Feet - Not all outdoor spaces are perfectly level, but your table should have a flat playing surface. With its height-adjustable feet, the legs of the Play-Style outdoor table can be adapted to suit all types of surfaces. Set up the table where you want without compromising on the quality of your game. Being non-slip, the feet help to keep the table stable
  • Convertible Garden Table - Converting your table tennis table into an elegant garden table is super easy; it only takes a few moments to remove and store your net. The format is identical to that of a classic table tennis table and provides ample space for 8 guests
  • Very Good Rebound Quality - With its resin laminate playing surface, the Play-Style outdoor table tennis table offers you a great playing experience. The thicker the panel, the better the bounce. The rebound quality of this table will be appreciated by players of all levels - from beginners to those who expect the very best
  • Anti-Glare Coating - To play at the top of your game, you need to make sure you can play in the sun without being blinded by glare. The MATTOP finish absorbs the intensity of the sun’s rays and reduces their glare tenfold compared with an uncoated table. The only thing that will leave you blinded is the superior quality of your forehand and backhand shots!
  • Steel Frame - The frame is the metallic structure that supports the playing surface. Intentionally refined for obvious aesthetic reasons, the outdoor Play-Style outdoor table tennis table provides a perfectly flat and stable playing surface


  • Resin laminate 6mm playing surface
  • MATTOP coating
  • Removable fabric net
  • FFTT leisure practice approved
  • 72kg table
  • Dimensions: L 274 x W 167 x H 76 cm (excluding net)


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