Roger Federer Equipment

Arguably the greatest of all time, there are few things in tennis that Roger Federer hasn't achieved. His game is creative and aggressive, coming to the net with big forehand and impossible looking angles, yet versatile enough that he can serve through a game within a minute. Having played with a 90 square inch Pro-Staff for most of his life, in 2014 he switched to a larger 97 square inch head and has co-designed his own racket, the absolutely stunning Pro Staff RF97 v13.

Having won a record-breaking 20th Grand Slam at the age of 36, we (as well as the rest of the world) have run out of superlatives to describe Roger and his achievements. Perhaps the best way to show Roger's dominance is that, as of January 2018, there have been 200 Open Era Grand Slam tournaments and Federer has won 10% of them on his own.

Check out the Wilson products below that have been with Roger throughout his legendary career and helped him inspire millions around the world to play their best tennis.