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We carry a huge range of pro standard Squash rackets. All the latest models plus some fantastic clearance bargains. Most people have their favourite racquet brand, or weight or head size, or balance.

Each of the manufacturers have their own way of helping you to pick the right racket. We have simplified the decision making process for you: How to choose a squash racket

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Showing 105 Products

Looking for a fantastic selection of squash rackets (racquets) at bargain prices? All of our rackets are at least 15% of the retail price (RRP). Many of them are at special offer or clearance prices of up to 50% off the rrp.

At tennisnuts we try all the rackets that we sell. Most of our full-time staff are at least Division 1/Middlesex standard players. We also get useful input from our 'contracted terms coaches” who try all the rackets from their particular contracted manufacturer.