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High-Performance Training for Sports - Paperback Book

High-Performance Training for Sports - Paperback Book
High-Performance Training for Sports - Paperback Book Product code: HK-HPTFS Item has been discontinued $15.35  Inc. VAT
  • High-Performance Training for Sports changes the landscape of athletic conditioning and sports performance. This groundbreaking work presents the latest and most effective philosophies, protocols and programmes for developing today’s athletes.

    High-Performance Training for Sports features contributions from global leaders in athletic performance training, coaching and rehabilitation. Experts share the cutting-edge knowledge and techniques they’ve used with Olympians as well as top athletes and teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB, English Premier League, Tour de France and International Rugby.

    Combining the latest science and research with proven training protocols, High-Performance Training for Sports will guide you in these areas:

    • Optimise the effectiveness of cross-training.
    • Translate strength into speed.
    • Increase aerobic capacity and generate anaerobic power.
    • Maintain peak conditioning throughout the season.
    • Minimise the interference effect.
    • Design energy-specific performance programmes.

    Whether you are working with high-performance athletes of all ages or with those recovering from injury, High-Performance Training for Sports is the definitive guide for developing all aspects of athletic performance. It is a must-own guide for any serious strength and conditioning coach, trainer, rehabilitator or athlete.



    Introduction: Understanding Modern Athletes
    David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon

    Part I Building Robust Athletes

    Chapter 1 Evaluating Athletic Capacities
    Mike McGuigan, PhD

    Chapter 2 Developing Younger Athletes
    Rhodri S. Lloyd, PhD, ASCC, CSCS*D, and Jonathan L. Oliver, PhD

    Chapter 3 Enhancing Movement Efficiency
    Craig Ranson, PhD, and David Joyce

    Chapter 4 Stabilising and Strengthening the Core
    Andy Barr and Daniel Lewindon

    Chapter 5 Optimising Flexibility
    Sue Falsone

    Chapter 6 Monitoring the Training Response
    Aaron J. Coutts, PhD, and Stuart Cormack, PhD

    Chapter 7 Retraining the Injured Athlete
    Daniel Lewindon and David Joyce

    Part II   Developing Athletic Capacity

    Chapter 8 Customizing the Warm-Up and Cool-Down
    Rett Larson

    Chapter 9 Fine-Tuning Motor Control
    Frans Bosch

    Chapter 10 Using Strength Platforms for Explosive Performance
    Daniel Baker, PhD

    Chapter 11 Successfully Translating Strength Into Speed
    Derek M. Hanson, CSCS, BA, MASc

    Chapter 12 Optimising Training for Jumping and Landing
    Jeremy Sheppard, PhD

    Chapter 13 Increasing Agility
    Sophia Nimphius, PhD, ASCC, CSCS*D

    Chapter 14 Generating Anaerobic Power
    David Martin, PhD

    Chapter 15 Establishing Endurance for Repeated Performance
    Darcy Norman

    Chapter 16 Boosting Aerobic Capacity
    Grégory Dupont, PhD

    Chapter 17 Optimising Effective Cross-Training Methods
    Tony Rice, PhD, and Chris Spinks

    Part III  Delivering Performance

    Chapter 18 Planning a Performance Program
    Ben Rosenblatt, PhD, ASCC, CSCS*D

    Chapter 19 Designing Energy-Specific Programs
    Joel Jamieson

    Chapter 20 Minimising the Interference Effect
    Glenn Stewart

    Chapter 21 Optimising Preseason Training in Team Sports
    Darren Burgess, PhD

    Chapter 22 Peaking for Competition in Individual Sports
    G. Gregory Haff, PhD, CSCS*D, FNSCA, AWF-3, ASCC, ASCA-2

    Chapter 23 Maintaining an In-Season Conditioning Edge
    Stuart Yule

    Chapter 24 Recovering Effectively in High-Performance Sports
    Christian J. Cook, Liam P. Kilduff and Marc R. Jones

    About the Editors
    About the Contributors

    • Pages: 392
    • ISBN-13: 9781450444828
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